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Amico BJ Restaurant

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Gradient Lighting Design
Lead Designers Chenlu Zhang
Other Designer's names Shuojiong Zhang
Interior Design Company ArchUnits Studio
Client Amico BJ
Photo Credits Jianquan Wu, ArchUnits
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Beijing?China
Entry Description
Amico BJ is a fine-dining restaurant, which focuses on the creation of “light”. The restaurant has an irregular L-shaped space. One wing of the L-shaped space is filled natural light for the public dinning, while the other serves as a private room that needs privacy. For a fine-dining restaurant, the dishes are the protagonist, the role of "light" is better than other forms of matter to better present the food, which makes us naturally think of art museums. Therefore, the architect and lighting designer pays tribute to Kimbell Art Museum and develops the unique light and space prototype of the restaurant. A hanging track integrates all the lighting requirements: the linear uplight strip slightly illuminates the center of the arch, thus forming a soft atmosphere after diffuse reflection. The down-lighting spotlight with a narrow beam angle can be freely adjusted to focus on the dining table and food. The arch is extended to the outside, making it an entrance canopy. These lightly illuminated continuous arches has become the bright spot of the restaurant, which is hidden in the corner of an office tower.