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Songs of Love and War

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company FPOV
Lead Designers Bernie Tan-Hayes
Other Designer's names Patrick Nolan (Director), Dane Lam (Musical Director), Karen Cochet (Costume), Bianca Bulley (Costume), Tony Dowthwaite (Artist), Ingrid Baldwin (Artist)
Client Opera Queensland
Photo Credits Bernie Tan-Hayes
Other Credits UAP, University of Queensland
Completion Date September 2021
Project Location Brisbane, Australia
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Entry Description
It was a pleasure to be involved in Opera Queensland’s production of ‘Songs of Love and War’ in association with the University of Queensland School of Music and UAP Company. The production was the culmination of a creative process involving both old and new compositions intermingle with works from ‘Madrigali Guerrieri Et Amorosi’ by Claudio Monteverdi. The audience is encouraged to follow the performers around the giant warehouse and foundry of UAP with a multitude of raised platforms and existing structures used as staging areas. The show is a visually engrossing experience – a result of an industrial space, rich costuming, modern art, and projection overlay of live drawing and subtitles by the FPOV team.

It is fantastic to be part of such a sensational show, when the vision comes together so beautifully, as is the case with Songs of Love and War.