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Fantasia Wunan 396

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tungsten-Studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Liangheng Tan
Completion Date 2019
Entry Description

Wunan Road is a historical protection road in Shanghai, with various colonial style buildings and modern western art techniques. This is an urban renewal project – it’s not only a residence, but also a hospitality space and a small art gallery. How to balance the subtle lighting experience in the mixed functional space is the concern of lighting design. From luxurious entrance to the quiet courtyard, walking up the steps, the dark gray green paving of the reception hall is like a jade. The designer create a graceful and enchanting lighting scene like walking in an old film. 2700k color temperature is used in the reception public space, 3000K+4000K is used in the living space, and 4000K is used in the art gallery. Due to the strict constraints of the 2.6 meters floor height, the complex track system and large lamps cannot be used which will seriously unbalance the space and the view of art. The designer skillfully selected mini track system to achieve the function integrated in tiny space. A special lightingbox is adopted for the art work in the atrium. As the minimalist expression of space, the fixture lit up the painting without glare and as a decoration itself.