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Bunny Lights

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Titia Ex Light Art Projects
Lead Designers Titia Ex
Other Credits 3D print Studio Dirk van der Kooi, LED Yens & Yens
Completion Date November 2019
Project Location Heemskerk, The Netherlands
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Entry Description

With its mystery, history, nature and symbolism, the native rabbit is the perfect bearer for the centuries-long intertwining of man and beast in Heemskerk in the Netherlands. She symbolizes the continuity of existence. It is a landmark in the scenery and a beacon of the existence of man and animal in its wetlands.

The design concerns a rabbit-shaped outer shape, divided into steel smooth discs of stainless steel with printed 'vertebrae' of recycled 3D printed polycarbonate. These intervertebral are transparent tubes in which LED is incorporated. Film recordings of waves, shot at various locations, including the sea nearby, alternate with each other, rippling, rough or with a reflection in the water.

Bunny Lights is always in motion and evolves in different directions at the same time, location, time, space and user flow richly into one another. The landscape of our memory, our intimate interpretations and finding an anchor point together provide the scenery for a new landscape and new stories.