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Blessings from the Whale

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Art Light Design Consultants
Lead Designers Wilson Lee , Lin Ke Yu
Completion Date 9/3/2019
Project Location Tainan City
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Entry Description

Blessings from the Whale is located at the historic Anping Fisherman's Wharf, which used to be a fishing port but now mainly functions as a tourist attraction. The sculpture is a metal frame in the shape of a whale measuring 23 meters in length, 11 meters in width, and 11.6 meters in height.
On the second floor, we installed 3.5W LED spotlights on the overhead metal frame, which when seen from different angles, are akin to twinkling stars nestled between the whale and the night sky – symbolic of our harmonious relationship with the environment.
To facilitate a meaningful interaction between the lighting and visitors, we synchronized the whale’s heartbeat to the rhythm of visitor’s breathing. This was achieved through the use of the DMX controller, creating a wavelike sensation.
We hope that visitors can be reminded of their, and humanity’s, part in the world when experiencing this sculpture of light alongside breathtaking vistas of the rising and setting sun, encapsulating the grandeur of Mother Nature.