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Genos Direct Light

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University University of Central Oklahoma
Lead Designers Brittany Combs
Other Credits Dr. Valerie Settles
Completion Date 11/12/2020
Project Location University of Central Oklahoma
Entry Description

The Genos Direct Light is a two and one elegant outdoor wall sconce and portable lamp that combines the unique aesthetics of both minimalism and contemporary design. The outdoor wall sconce constructed of aluminum with a slick black finish. This construction is lightweight and gives the product long-lasting durability. Attached to the aluminum back are rectangular frosted polymer panels that creates soft indirect light by aiming light back against the wall. The LED bulbs are integrated into the design providing more energy efficiency than traditional bulbs, providing a more eco-friendly solution in lighting.
The Genos Direct Light exterior wall sconce features a waterproof and rechargeable LED portable lamp that is suitable for practically anywhere. The LED portable lamp is structurally designed to easily grasp and to fit comfortably in the users hand.
The LED portable lamp creates a soft, cozy light that users can enjoy either during the day in a room or at night on the patio table.
The Genos Direct Light is a two in one attractive outdoor wall sconce that combines today’s desire for modern contemporary aesthetics with energy efficient lighting all within an elegant design.