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SpectraSAFE from Hubbell Lighting

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Hubbell Lighting
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Entry Description

SpectraSAFE is the first scalable, cloud-based and wireless video security solution designed for commercial and industrial building applications that seamlessly integrates into a wide range of luminaires. SpectraSAFE-enabled luminaires feature a compact, high-resolution Full HD camera (2.8mm, 144-degree FOV), an integrated infrared light source for low or no light conditions and an integrated microphone and speaker enabling two-way audio communication between security staff and building occupants.
At 0.91”W x 2.03”L the camera module is the smallest purpose-built camera for luminaire integration. It is also the first luminaire-based video security solution to offer secure, sharable and configurable user access to support multi-site and multi-tenant applications.