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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Gillard Group
Lead Designers Jenni Gillard
Other Designer's names Mark Lloyd
Other Credits Bryan Wain and Mike Goodman
Completion Date 2016 to 2020
Project Location Brisbane Australia
Entry Description

With the rapid uptake of digital friendly long-life LED, lighting design is becoming more than ambient and functionally lit spaces. Great design must consider obsolescence, light-based technologies, energy and maintenance and value over the lifecycle of installed LED and building life.
The MinMin Light System is named after a lighting spectacle reported in central Australia. The system takes data from design and maintenance and uses algorithms to show clients the future state of their installed LED portfolio. The system predicts end life for installed LED by lumen maintenance and compliance failure. The system includes quality control and project and asset management.
Users can determine optimal replacement windows and help plan, budget and tender for renewal. Applied to large LED portfolios and across clients, the system delivers ever-greater economies of scale and purchase value. MinMin is built in Microsoft’s .NET development platform, cloud-based and accessible via the internet anywhere anytime. The system’s database, algorithms and methods are secret.
The Gillard Group secured Federal Government R&D support. The solution for sale as Software as a Service (2021). (See PDF).