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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Vladimir Makhmutov
Other Designer's names Evgeny Schegolev
Other Credits Vyacheslav Smelyansky
Completion Date September 2020
Project Location Moscow, Russia
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Entry Description

COBRA is a wall mounted bedside luminaire. Flexible housing allows to turn the light in required direction. Suited for reading in the evening. Optics with directional beam angle helps to direct the light at the book but does not disturb the person next to you.

In this luminaire special warm light LEDs are utilized: the light is as close to the classic light of incandescent light bulbs as possible. Flickering and pulsation are non-existent. Black color of the brim reduces the quantity and the intensity of specks from the LED inside the case. Such lighting is the most comfortable for the eye.