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Combina D

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company L&L Luce&Light srl
Lead Designers L&L Luce&Light
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Entry Description

Combina D, an indoor recessed downlight that features interchangeable elements, is the perfect ally for lighting offices, shops, showrooms and private residences. What’s new about Combina D is its multipurpose retaining bezel, a system that lets you change the type of fixture, even after installation. It can be used with product types that are currently still in development: from a downlight to a suspended fixture, and from a ceiling-mounted fixture or an extractable recessed fixture to a speaker or an air purifier. Combina D has another ingenious feature: you can choose from up to six different styles of cover, round or square, each with three different depths – and all easy to mount thanks to the practical magnetic connection system. You can add another personal touch by choosing our innovative primer coating for the cover. This allows the cover to be finished in the same paint as the ceiling, so that Combina D blends into its surroundings. If, in the future, you decide to paint the ceiling a different colour, you can simply order more covers with the primer coating and paint them with the new colour. That way, you can get a completely new look without having to buy new fixtures.