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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lucifer Lighting
Lead Designers Lucifer Lighting
Entry Description

STELLR pairs innovative lighting technology and an unexpected silhouette to create a totally unique fixture with distinctive interior design possibilities.

It features two light sources - a downlight & a transparent shade - in a timeless luminaire design. The downlight creates accent lighting from an almost invisible luminaire body, the diffuse light provides a warm room ambience & enables the presence of the luminaire. With its modifiable character, STELLR offers a wide range of applications. STELLR is the first architectural decorative downlight to use two independently controlled light sources for volumetric lighting and directional lighting.  The two sources allow end users to have more control over the space by turn them on and dimming them independently.  This ability expands the aesthetic and lighting options available to the lighting designer/end users. Further, STELLR is available with field adjustable optics for the directional source allowing a space to evolve over time and require less material waste.