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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Elite Lighting
Lead Designers Bob Rashidi
Completion Date September 2018
Project Location Los Angeles
Entry Description

The Lux is a fully luminous panel with a UGR of <19, the recommended UGR for glare-free office spaces. We used DIALux to determine the exact UGR calculation, whose exactness is not possible through AGi. UGR, or unified glare rating, determines the level of discomfort caused by glare factor, which is especially important in o?ce settings, where objects such as computer screens have a high-reflectance factor. The deeply beveled 1 ½”-deep edge at a 125° produces extremely low-glare, even illumination. Low-profile design fits into shallow plenums and integral driver provides top access. The Lux is available with multiple lumen packages, color temperatures, dimming, options, and accessories.