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Retail Lighting Design

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Politecnico Di Milano
Lead Designers Raymond Joshua
Completion Date March 2020
Project Location Switzerland
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Entry Description

DANY'S was born from the idea of an imaginary luxury store which becomes reality in one of the most rich street of the world: Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. The store offers an innovative and sophisticated experience of lighting design to introduce the essence of the brand and to convey the highest level of authenticity. The elegance of DANY'S is felt everywhere in the store: wood, Italian marble, etched glasses catch and reflect the bright contrasting colors of sparkling lamps and LED lights that let people fall into a cozy and warm atmosphere. The brand has a well-off target, male and female from the 20's, who wants to get the best summer proposals on Swiss market. The most qualified staff give to the brand its exclusiveness:
DANY'S' dresses are tailored and raw materials of dresses, shoes and bags are all made of refined quality.