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Shanghai Golden Eagle International Shopping Mall

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guji Hu
Other Designer's names Hongbo Qiang
Entry Description

The design redefines the building with the concept of a "vertical city".The open entrance is made up of several glass blocks with similar scales,interlaced form a series of vertical"urban street"spaces,creating a visual communication and exchange with the urban space.
The original building entrance which faces North Shaanxi Road,although there is a form of a column span and 5-story height, it is actually only a single-story height.The second to the fourth floors are indented LED advertisements,completely lacking the atmosphere and scale of the entrance. In this renovation,the main entrance space was transformed into two spans of 18 meters wide,and the ground and second floors were retreated by 5 meters to form a tall and wide entrance square,attracting more people.In the glass volumes, petal-like curves are outlined with LED soft light strips,forming internal light and external transparency,giving the entire hall a strong sense of hierarchy.From the urban scale,the entrance space is integrated with the glass fa├žade above,which leads to the roof,making the building more open,transparent and full of attraction.