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Hebei Grand Hotel, Anyue

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Rebecca Wong (Lighting)
Project Location Shijiazhuang, China
Entry Description

The project comprises two symmetrical towers and 60 villas, blending classic Chinese architecture with modern needs to create an urban getaway. Lighting plays an essential role to transform the project’s magnificent luxury during the day to subtlety and agility at night. Façade lightings are inspired by Chinese landscape paintings - the towers are like commanding peaks over the valleys (low-rise villas). The lighting mimics the effect when the morning haze forms a shimmering outline at the building edges, with rays penetrating the valleys. During the day, the towers look like solid cuboids. At night, their soft side is revealed through façade lighting. Instead of delineating all four sides of the cuboid, linear lights are only applied along the inner and top sides to bring out the beautiful symmetry. Upward grazing lights are used along the elevations to accentuate the building height, but are kept at a minimum to amplify the geometric form. For villas, light is applied to depict the pitched roofs, staggered height and progressive layers. Landscape lightings such as buried wallwashers emphasize textured walls, while tree uplights help patrons immerse in and reconnect with nature.