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the upgrading lighting of Yuanxiang Lake Park

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tungsten-Studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Zhen Tang, Yaoyao Pu
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description

Jiading Yuanxiang lake is surrounded by a large area of lake park, sports way, the iconic bridge, and Jiading Grand Theater, the works of architect Ando. The existing lighting system can not meet the requirements of safe lighting; the environment at night is also out of touch with the surroundings.

Our design concept is to create an artistic conception reflected in the quiet lakeside forest with the minimized intervention. Meanwhile lighting link the function of two bridges to integrate the landscape environment with the surroundings and reactivate the function of urban living room of the park. The rhythm of citizens can be found in night life, sports and relaxation. Light is aiming to improve people's life and use as a fundamental opportunity.

Since it’s an upgrading project, the existing facilities is maximum extent. the power supply line configuration setting is carried out without damagin. In addition, after deep negotiation with the government, the lighting control system can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements for energy saving and dynamic festival mode and energy saving mode in different time.