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Wind, Light and Stars

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Luminism Design
Lead Designers Tyler Horn
Other Designer's names Landscape designer Geoffrey Nimmer
Completion Date August 2020
Project Location Watermill, NY 11976
Entry Description

The east end of Long Island has always been know as a wonderful place to get connected with nature. Landscape Lighting for this private residence has enhanced that connection during the special hours after dark. The air is salty scented by the Atlantic ocean right across the bay from the home, many of the trees have stood up for the better part of a century reaching for the stars, and a charming hand-built windmill sits between a mighty Oak and a grand Linden. As the wind sails through the leaves of the trees there is a magical dance at night with them being softy and artistically lit. The balance of light and shadows crafted with strategically placed up lighting and down lighting only compliment the stars above rather than interfere. The landscape feels soothing and inspiring when you wander around at night almost creating a sort of three dimensional piece of art as you move through the spaces. Even a wind driven mobile-sculpture shows how beautiful it is to be connected to nature. This home acts as a wonderful place to enjoy life in the Hamptons.