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Beijing X Museum

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guji Hu
Other Designer's names Qiying Jin
Completion Date 2020.6
Entry Description

The lighting design was completed with ingenious details in the indoor and outdoor.The X-cross structure column at the entrance is illuminated at night with narrow beam spotlights from the four end points to the central point, highlighting the X geometry,and expressing the meaning of cultural exchange through the intersection of light.The shadows of the 54 rectangular light boxes on the south facade of the museum will change according to the sun exposure during the day,like a sundial that records the time.At night, the small spotlights recessed in the bottom of the light boxes can create new light and shadow patterns on the external wall.In the interior space,due to the unique structural design of the wall in the exhibition hall, the artwork can be hung in any gap on the wall through special metal clips. Therefore, the lighting design is arranged in the exhibition hall with track lights that can be adjusted at any angle. All forms of exhibits can be highlighted, creating the flexibility of the light environment.A long rectangular frosted glass customized lamp is placed on the central axis of the ceiling to provide even and soft ambient light for the overall space.