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Glass Library

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Licht.Associates Limited
Lead Designers Ho Kwok Lung
Completion Date November 2019
Project Location China
Entry Description

In order to fulfill the dual goals, a sales office and later as a library. The common key point is coziness: a place which one will lingers. The fixtures and furnishings are from the physical world, while mood and tone will dive deep to tickle our soul. The magic spell for this connection is LIGHT.

Constraints are that the external glass structure gives rise to the aesthetic issue in providing electricity for lighting, supple lighting covering the spacious and non-partitioned three split levels construction and budget constraint that banned the usage of dimming system which caused the difficulties on balanced of light intensity .

Coziness comes from the sense of mellow and lot of succinct surprises. In technical terms, it is a blend of aesthetic treatment and practicality. Putting the scale in difficulty a little further, budget.

At large, the concealed LED strip embedding inside suspended steel rods create flowing halo. This will generally braided hierarchy ambient. Besides, this geometric network and vibrant coloured furnitures, makes visitors slip into the Bauhaus world unnoticed.