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Pic-Nic at the New Bond

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MYHP mind your head project
Lead Designers Jésica Elizondo
Other Designer's names Gabriel Torres Vargas
Client Colectivo Querido Venado
Photo Credits David Flores Rubio
Other Credits Directed by Sergio Valentín Ruiz
Completion Date 9 November 2019
Project Location Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.
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Entry Description

Pic-Nic at the New Bond it is a study about the way in which an image is associated with another and how a new reality is being built that evades reality itself from the association of parts that replace the whole.

Through the spatial conceptualization and the lighting design we proposed the creation of self-built objects for implementation in the performance scene, that contributed to the light narrative and the dramaturgy of the piece itself. We believe that in order to transmit a choreographic idea, the human body is not the only one required, we investigate and bet on the other types of bodies that also construct the living arts, the luminous object built for this piece is also a container of choreographic knowledge.

Through a theoretical and practical laboratory that involved body and objects we designed a light fixture called jesnel that meets the specific needs of movement, color and intensity that we were looking to implement in lighting design.This lighting design was made only with three light fixtures jesneles that move from one side to another of the scenic area and two strobes, one located behind the scenography and the other located in the hall.