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Hospital Británico

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Estudio Hofstadter
Lead Designers Joel Fregosi - Carlos Buzzo
Completion Date 2019-2020
Project Location Montevideo - Uruguay
Entry Description

Human experience is constantly affected by built environments, which play a key role in people’s frame of mind. This new building raised by the British Hospital, aims to achieve through artificial and natural lighting, an integral healthcare environment. The creative trigger which pulled the lighting concept off, was to create a welcoming atmosphere able to affect positively over the patients healing. Working out on the whole with the glazed facade, interior and exterior lighting merge creating not only an impact on the patients, but also a contribution to the city nightlife. The facade transparency, reveals almost the entire lighting design project. Backlights, floor lamps and cove lighting, laid out through the whole building, create a cozy mood by spreading indirect light. The latter draws up an outline which makes the facade lighting an even more engaging experience. Moreover, several surface mounted linear uplights, are in charge of exposing the hospital volumetry by lighting the cantilevers. Through the integration of only indirect cove lighting into the ceilings rings design, the access was particularly designed to create a warm-hearted atmosphere as you enter the hospital.