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Mariupol Freedom Square

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Completion Date September 2020
Project Location Mariupol, Ukraine
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Entry Description

Freedom Square displays modern symbols of the city of Mariupol with the help of light. With the beginning of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, this city became an outpost protecting the country's territorial integrity.
Mariupol is part of Ukraine, a beautiful and authentic country. We have created a laser show, through projections of flowers appear on the square as symbols of the prosperous regions of Ukraine. The flowers are transformed into the contours of the regions and are united into a single country.
Decorative supports in the shape of birds are placed along the perimeter, symbolizing 25 regions of Ukraine. The wings are perforated with national embroidery patterns that glow in the dark.
Each pole-top has a QR code leading to a site with content about Ukraine, which contributes to interest in our country and new travel!
The area is lit differently at every season and on holidays. The gamma of the stand glow, light spots on the square are changing, and thematic laser projections come on.
Through the web application, each guest can create and set off their own laser dolphin among the caustic light waves that cover the area.