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LIGHTCAD software suite

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Uliana Vinogradova
Other Credits Sergei Krasilnikov, Pavel Kiyanenko
Completion Date 01.09.2020
Project Location Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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Entry Description

LIGHTCAD - is a new lighting designer tool for creating lighting design concepts and controlling dynamic lighting systems on-site. That means that your project lives in one software from the sketch stage to the final stage of controlling luminaires on the facade.
LIGHTCAD has numerous settings and instruments to automate routine lighting design operations, some of them:
- EXTENSIVE LIBRARIES of visual effects and modes with graphics and video support;
- STANDARD FORMATS: working in LIGHTCAD you also work with 3DS MAX, ies-files, Art-Net protocol and other standard formats of professional software and files;
- REAL TIME: editing and playing of scenarios in a real-time mode; video capture possibilities without long renders; immediate changings in the project while making the presentation for the client;
- NO FOR ROUTINE:various instruments that make routine operations faster, simpler or even fully automated; automatic generating of specification and control system schemes;
- EXPORT/INTEGRATION: export to independent player, integration with BMS systems, convenient RDM luminaire service softare.