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St Joseph Catholic Church

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MAW desain
Lead Designers Mario Widagdo
Completion Date June 2020
Project Location Surabaya
Entry Description

St. James church was inaugurated in 2006. However, along with the Covid 19 pandemic, the church decided to make improvements to the lighting. The old atmosphere is only functional, bright evenly with white light without any emphasis at a number of points. Lighting designer is trying to change concept, where in addition to being functional the church must also be able to bring a warm atmosphere to its people. So 3500K color is choosed to create a warm yet functional atmosphere for Mass.
The main lamp which previously used 6 1000w ceramic metal halides was replaced with 6 custom made LED lights (6 x 50w 5000lm 24 degree LED gimbal). The design of this lamp house is done carefully so as not to change the size of the lamp holes in the previous wooden ceiling.
The fluorescent lighting was replaced with LED strips positioned in such a way that they better illuminate the painting on the ceiling.
Downlights and spotlights are replaced with spot LEDs.
The addition of lighting was carried out in the sacristy area so that the wood carvings became more alive.
Overall the electric power requirements for lighting the interior of the church were reduced by 70% (from 10000w to 2500w).