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Campus Sartorius AG

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio DL
Lead Designers Studio DL Design Cooperative
Other Credits Architects: Bünemann & Collegen
Completion Date 31.12.2019
Project Location Göttingen Germany
Entry Description

Sartorius AG, which operates internationally, employs highly qualified staff from all over the world. It was therefore important to make the best possible use of the new corporate headquarters building.

The new multi-award-winning campus in Göttingen clearly shows how high-quality architecture and lighting can communicate the essence of a company. The light from the buildings and the softly illuminated landscape and architecture combine to create poetry.

Biodynamic interior lighting
The interior lighting, which sets the scene for the architecture with its consequent setting of luminaires and highlighting of striking parts of the building, significantly contributes to the image of the landscape architecture with its seasonally dependent light color. The overall impression is cooler in winter and particularly warm in spring at 2700 K. With a dynamic daylight simulation, the light in the office blocks also changes during the day until its direct component is completely switched off in the evening. Thus, the light image of the pendant luminaires placed parallel to the longitudinal axis, still communicates the depth of the office buildings.