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Wen Wu Building Lighting Design

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Sony Wang ,Yanling Lv,Liu Yang, Yanan Yu
Entry Description

The project is the interior lighting design of Wenwu building in Yanchang campus of Shanghai University. With the increasingly close communication between the University and foreign universities, the participation of high-level scholars and the multi-level academic cooperation, this building located in the university living area needs to undertake more functions, and its indoor light environment quality also need to be improved.
However, due to the limited space of the old building, the fuction for teaching and research of this building is inefficient. Due to office, restaurant, conference room, leisure area and the other functions were implanted in the limited space of this old building by interior renovation, thus, how to use light to "cheat" the user's vision, to release the space depression and to expand the psychological space scale in the multi-functional space with large area but net height less than 2.2 meters has become the biggest challenge of lighting design.
In addition, with the dimming control and scene mode, the power load of the old building and the fire risk are both reduced.