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CHU RONG Restaurant

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Fangfang Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Fang
Completion Date January 2020
Project Location Tai Yuan,Shan Xi, China
Entry Description

Chu Rong means the first experience in ChengDu.Chengdu used to be called Rongcheng, and is the origin of Sichuan cuisine. In Taiyuan, a thousand miles away from Chengdu, the owner of this restaurant wanted to taking the city impression as the entry point, the restaurant as a whole exudes a distinct regional style. Here, you can not only enjoy Sichuan cuisine, but also appreciate the unique customs of Chengdu.
Commercial projects must consider the best use of space.Despite the limited floor height, the designer still wants to provide customers with a comfortable dining experience. The lighting design starts with emphasizing the interspersed relationship of the structure. In the key parts of the interior, lighting subverts the traditional soft decoration. The way of expression is to use unusual angles to penetrate into the scene. In functional areas, decorative chandeliers and special spotlights are used to make the displayed dishes full of color, fragrance and taste. The overall lighting of ChuRong is suitable for space performance and indoor environment. Light and shadow are intertwined, just like walking through the painting.