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Titan Zoya

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lighting Spaces
Lead Designers Anusha Muthusubramanian
Other Credits Targetti, GOJIS Lifestyle
Completion Date March 2020 completion
Project Location Bangalore, India
Entry Description

Titan’s high end diamond jewelry store Zoya represents both elegance and reflection of the artistry and craftmanship where the merchandise takes the theatrical center stage coupled with ambience that hierarchically showcases it in an elegant encompassing space. The concept was to flawlessly integrate lighting in such a way that it is being felt at target and is not obviously seen. Visual comfort is key where high contrast is needed for visual punch. In retail lighting, understanding the visual merchandise and the kinds of display shelving and visual sightline of the clients along with that of the salesmen. Lighting design involves intricate thought process and detailing enables flawless integration. Smaller sized fixtures with good glare control integrated into recessed and suspended profile light the flat beds. Localised display case lighting enhances the focal glow of merchandise. Ambient fill lights are provided by ceiling recessed fixtures. The spatial highlights with indirect lighting layers provide rounded visual experience. Choosing the right beam spread and colour temperature of 3500K that suits the merchandise was vital in the design process.