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Chuson-ji Autumn Leaves Galaxy

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Susumu Matsushita
Project Location Iwate, Japan
Entry Description

The exterior lighting of Chuson-ji Temple was designed according to the autumn leaves season.
Tsukimizaka Slope to the temple becomes gradually brighter, and the main pathway from Hondo Main Hall to Konjikido Golden Hall, where the fall leaves are at their best, has been transformed into a space wrapped in the glow of autumn foliage illuminated by a series of small 2700K LED spotlights on both sides.
For Konjikido Golden Hall at the top of the stairs continuing from the main pathway, we have used 2700K LED footlights on the stairs to draw visitors upwards, and created harmony with the glow of the autumn leaves by floodlighting the walls with 3000K LED line luminaires.
The Kyozo Sutra Repository beyond is illuminated under the eaves of its upwardly curved roof with 2800K LED spotlights to emphasize the architectural form. The shape of the roof is shown in silhouette by illuminating the trees behind the building.
The Benzaitendo Hall standing in the center of the pond is illuminated by 3000K LED spotlights surrounding it on the shore, creating a fantastic atmosphere with reflection on the water surface. To give a quiet impression, overall brightness was set to be low (5-10cd/m2).