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Curiosum Science Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company White Arkitekter AB
Lead Designers Viktor Martinsson, Associate IALD
Other Designer's names Andreas Milsta, IALD
Other Credits Johan Ivarsson, Uplight AB
Completion Date Inaugurated 1/9/2020
Project Location Umeå, Sweden
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Entry Description

Dome Theater in northen Sweden with a façade constructed of 475 perforated aluminum cassettes.

Lighting turned out to be the key to represent the explorative activity inside the dome in a stirring way. If it is all about outer space inside the theatre, it can be represented on the outside as well.

Thanks to an exceptionally good coordination between everyone involved with the project, the lighting was fully integrated in the façade, leaving it visually free from undesirable tech.

Behind the outer façade layer over 8400 lights are hidden, each equipped with one red, green and blue LED. Together they form a gigantic screen with swift access to all colors of the rainbow.

A number of scenarios have been designed and programmed, for the users to choose from depending on the activity on Campus. The fine-tuned default scenario is static, while second scenario with a gentle dynamic shimmer at the top can be activated to communicate to by passers that there is activity going on inside the dome right now.

Furthermore, a handful of expressive theme-based scenarios intended to be used shorter periods have been programmed. Amongst these you will find Northern Lights, Pride and Meteor.