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Conrad Hotel, Tonglu

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co
Lead Designers Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Hangzhou
Entry Description

While looking afar, one may feel the hotel is a unique establishment among mountains, and yet combining itself with the also becomes a goal for lighting design.One has to begin from demand while working through emotion, in order to discover the focus of lighting design: the concealment of lighting. It comes from nature, and returns wherein as well. The slant top of building and its cornice, along with how they combine within forests, become the unique feature of the hotel architecture. We present such view via light, and shape it into the dazzling night view. Since the cornice is spread out in woods of different heights, the downward view would be more prominent, reflecting the concept of visibility. there are no lightings on all tops and most facades, enabling the whole structure to blend in darker environment. we utilize low lighting in entrance and scenery around the architecture, in addition to soft light from bedrooms, creating a middle layer and connecting venue between the two, thus forging a natural bonding. This is the concept of concealment. Striking interior space often presents an unique beauty, which is a combination of cultural accumulation and life style.