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SOHO 5G Laboratory Lighting Design

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lumia Lighting Design Ltd.
Lead Designers Yezhen Cai
Completion Date June~Sept.2019
Project Location Beijing, China
Entry Description

SOHO 5G laboratory is located in Beijing Leeza SOHO. Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China entrusted ZHA, a world-famous design office, to design it as an integrated exhibition space for displaying and discussing 5G technology and product application.

ZHA team adopts the unique elegant geometric streamlines, alternating black and white lights in whole design, highlighting a strong sense of contemporaneity and rhythm, showing the smooth style of modern and future laboratories to the highest level and infinite possibilities. The lighting design highlights the curve of the ceiling and the display table, this design also combines the 4000K indirect light belt and the hidden flip track light to create a space full of sense of technology.

The indoor space consists of 5G product application exhibition area and lecture platform area, which is "connected" by the curve full of sense of flowing distributed on the ceiling and the ground. The exhibition platform is irregular oval, like "stones" and "isolated islands". The "curves" of the ceiling and the ground flows through them like rivers, connecting them. The natural and technological sense of whole space are presented with very natural way.