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Global Village Carnaval, Dubai

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Dan Reed Lighting Design
Lead Designers Dan Reed
Completion Date AUG 2019-FEB 2020, OCT-DEC 2020
Project Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Entry Description

The design entry I would like to submit for the LED Exterior Systems category would be the new night-time lighting experience for the Carnaval Rides and Attractions area at Global Village Dubai, completed in preparation for their 25th Anniversary Season and for the expected new visitors for the upcoming Worlds Expo 2020.

The project scope included the specification of a new park-wide lighting system of over of 120 dmx connections to 40 networked artnet devices placed in ticket booths and power rooms situated throughout the Carnaval area, in order to provide synchronized movement of over 200 moving light and color levels to led fixtures with nearly 30000 active channels of control.

Design elements included an new pole canopy to support a new skytracker position and to protect the moving lights from rainfall and direct sunlight, the hardware specification for centralized playback from a number of ride triggers, and the programming of nearly a 1km of digital RGBW festoon strings for national holidays and day-today park operations.

The design was further enhanced in the fall with 24 1600w RGBW pictures added to their 20 meter poles for an additional park-wide color wash layer.