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Playa District Interior Amenities

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Esquared Lighting Design
Lead Designers Erin Erdman / Landon Roberts
Completion Date 2017-2019
Project Location Los Angeles, CA USA
Entry Description

Lighting was the key element in connecting and activating the renovation of five existing building lobbies. Bland corporate spaces were transformed into warm, inviting lounge and work spaces with rich, warm finish palettes, art, furniture and lighting. 2700K LED sources, wall sconces and floor lamps were layered into the project to further evoke a relaxing, residential atmosphere.

A custom two-story cluster of seventy backlit discs mounted on a matte gray wall anchors the largest lobby space and can be viewed throughout the campus. Thoughtful attention to viewing angles, glare, arrangement and installation details required constant communication between the design team and contractor to execute this bold lighting technique.

The Cafe is an important space as it has exterior exposure to much of the campus. The design intent was a deliberate layering of lighting techniques to highlight the the counter and food prep area as a destination point on campus.

Although each space carries its own unique identity, lighting and architecture also work in tandem to support the overall design goals. Concealed small LEDs highlight special wall finishes to provide warm backdrops.