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King's Town Group Headquarters

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Art Light Design Consultants
Lead Designers Wilson Lee , Lin Ke Yu
Completion Date 28/9/2018
Project Location Kaohsiung , Taiwan
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Entry Description

Amid the hustling city stands a unique building steeped in Eastern history and culture. The architecture invokes the imagery of a panlong (water dragon) found in traditional Chinese mythology. The familiar yet slightly mysterious concept behind the building, drawn from ancient Eastern culture, is realized as delicate glass-enclosed boxes stacked on top of each other. The elegant building stands over surrounding buildings to paint a fascinating picture of conflict and coexistence, paying homage to the tradition with an ingenious modern touch.
As night falls, the interior lighting is vaguely visible from the outside. On the partly lit exterior, the interplay between light, shadow, and people creates a refreshing visual experience.
The entire ground floor lobby is decorated with copper sheets reminiscent of dragon scales. The light reflects off of the layers and curved surfaces incorporated into the biologically-inspired interior, adding a sense of movement and liveliness to the space.
The striking balance of light and metal creates a visual and emotional allure for visitors who move through this space. The Prussian blue sky of the cityscape melds with the interior lighting after dark