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Los Angeles Hillside Residence

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Esquared Lighting Design
Lead Designers Erin Erdman / Landon Roberts
Completion Date 2014-2019
Project Location Pacific Palisades, CA, USA
Entry Description

This private residence is an expression of architecture as an art form layered in the mountains – a sculptural composition of organic materials and textures accentuated through light and shadow. This project encompasses unique complexities in construction including industrial board-formed concrete alongside an extensive collection of wood and stone surfaces.
A dramatic stretch of board-formed concrete is deliberately grazed at the main entry. Both stylistic and structural challenges were inherently present in a house constructed from concrete. Every mounting detail and fixture location were crafted hand-in-hand with the Architect. No element ever interrupts a joint in the boards and alignment was critical, requiring zero margin of error and extensive pre-planning achieved by multi-disciplinary collaboration.
Concealed linears were specified to take on intentional supporting roles and positioned as soft cove uplights, deliberate wall grazers, and focused task lighting. Small aperture recessed downlights with beveled, black trims disappear within wood ceilings for glare-free illumination with high-end dimming controls for optimal visual comfort.