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London Embassy

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Fisher Marantz Stone
Lead Designers Hank Forrest
Other Designer's names Architect: Kiernan Timberlake
Other Credits Fixtures: Edison Price Lighting
Completion Date 2017
Project Location London
Entry Description

To worship the texture of the matte granite walls in the ‘public spaces’ of the London Embassy, Fisher Marantz Stone used an Edison Price Lighting SPREDLITE wall grazing system. Dashes of shadow and light; warm vs cool tones maintain the dignity that James Timberlake, a KieranTimberlake partner, aimed to achieve. The project hits on hard-to-achieve notes: make simplicity beautiful; accentuate dignity without becoming bawdy; and above all, make what is essentially a gray slab of wall, interesting. The Spredlite wallgrazers illuminate textured walls consistently and without ‘hot spots.’ Standard wallwashing from other manufacturers’ fixtures positioned several feet from the wall would have flattened the texture of the limestone; it would have looked to the naked eye like gray sheetrock. The Edison Price SPREDLITE 30 MH DL/12 uses metal halide lamps. Their 80 CRI light proved sufficient for the cool palette of the space. The project achieved a LEED Platinum® certification.