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Gem Castle Yukizaki Headquarters

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MMLD Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Miki Matsushita, Naoki Takayama
Completion Date Open in December of 2019
Project Location Japan
Entry Description

Gem Castle Yukizaki is a Japanese jewellery brand. For the light design of the outer facade of the store, we were inspired by the glitter of nature, and wanted to connect this to the sparkle of jewellery. To achieve this, two varieties of indirect lights were used for the background colours of the facade, and the white LED dot lights were controlled to give movement to each scene. Six scenes were designed and implemented. The most commonly used scene is Snowflakes, in which blue, the colour of Yukizaki, is the background and the LEDs form snowflakes falling down. The Ripple scene is emerald green, with waves of LED lights creating the surface of a disturbed pond. Champagne uses an elegant gold background, with rising bubbles of white LEDs rising like champagne in a glass. Heart uses a soft pink background, with white LED hearts. The Galaxy scene uses a navy background and a swirl of LEDs creates the spiral of the Milky Way. Finally, Christmas has a central focus of a large tree, surrounded by falling snow crystals, all on a dark purple backdrop. Each of these scenes is fascinating alone, but together they entertain the people of Fukuoka season by season throughout the whole year.