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Exhibition Center of Qinghai Luneng Complementary Multiple Energy Resouces

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Completion Date 11/2018-06/2019
Project Location Golmud, Qinghai, China
Entry Description

This is a vast expanse of Gobi. In it, people can't help revering nature, and humans are so tiny. However, tiny human beings create miracles in the universe, on this not-so-large planet. In this project, we have to face the unique feelings brought about by this field, how to use light to fit this unique atmosphere, I think it is our biggest challenge we have met in this project.
Against the starry sky in the vast Gobi night, we chose blue linear light to show this futuristic building. We hope that through the rendering of night lights, the features of the building will be more in line with thestyle of this field. This is also unique to our design. After accurately interpreting the environment and architecture, it proposes a precise lighting solution that harmonizes the building with the environment.
Blue LEDs are adopted to all the lamps for this color can make the building look more mysterious. The gradual change of blue light of the lamps and lanterns can be realized tthrough the control system. We have realized the requirements of energy saving to a large extent by using a reasonable control method. This is an undoubted sustainable design.