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New Moon

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Art Light Design Consultants
Lead Designers Wilson Lee , Tseng Hui Yu
Completion Date 2020.8
Project Location Kaohsiung , Taiwan
Entry Description

The New Moon Balcony Wall Lamp can be angled upward to light the ceiling or downward to light the floor. It can be installed on balconies to accentuate building details while providing a comprehensive lighting design for the entire façade of the building.

The innovative adjustable angle design allows it to adapt to lighting limitations in its surroundings and meet very specific lighting needs. It is suitable for places with limited space where normal lighting cannot be installed or where the desired lighting effects cannot be achieved with normal lamps. The recommended installation height is 1.8 m. The maximum adjustable uplighting angles are 35° vertical and 115° horizontal.

The simple, understated design of this wall lamp allows it to fit seamlessly into any style of décor.
This adjustable angle lamp mimics the phases of the moon, creating an ever-changing atmosphere.