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Lighting design of Zhenliu Bridge

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc
Lead Designers Xin Tian,Chao Chen, Yishu Wan, Siping Yang
Entry Description

The Zhenliu Bridge is located in a Chinese-style classical garden called Sanhaowu in China Tonji University. The garden was renovated by the famous historic architecture garden master Congzhou Chen with his students in 1953. In physical space, there is a canyon with only one bridge over the stream. During the night, the lighting complements the humanistic connotation here, and improves the bridge spiritually.
The bridge hole looks like a crescent moon, and the brightness on the bridge surface is weak enough to just see the ground.(1lux)
Three 1W lights are used in the top, middle and lower platform of the bridge. Two of 3W/m light strips are used on one side of the bridge tunnel, which are matched with the reflection of the water surface to form a moon. Other landscape lighting uses 1-3W lighting fixtures, and the total power of the project is 25W. The bridge is installed with sensors. Therefore, the lights are automatically turned off when no one is here, and the scene changes when someone walks through.
With the quiet light, there is only a hazy crescent moon in the garden that can be seen in the water.
Moonlight-style garden lighting is a new perspective for cultural tourism.