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Lighting design of underground parking

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company StudioNEGARA
Lead Designers Igor Kolchaev-Negara
Other Designer's names Ilya Utkin
Completion Date 14.11.2019
Project Location Moscow, Russia
Entry Description

The new underground parking is part of the elite residential complex "Mezenat", built in the center of Moscow.
Traditionally, underground parkings are designed with the same-type lighting by using ceiling lamps, producing mostly a linear light, which does not provide for any design approach to the object as a whole. The main architect of the project has set a target to develop a lighting system in compliance with the general concept and design of the residential complex, taking into account the architectural features of the premises, while the use of ceiling lighting was categorically rejected.
Possible places for the installation of wall lamps were identified by focusing on the architectonics of the space, the presence of ordered lines of columns and arched elements along the walls.
As a result of numerous experiments, special luminaires with asymmetric optics and an external design, satisfying a single vision, were selected. The required illumination levels were achieved throughout the entire parking area. The lighting turned out to be quite comfortable for the drivers, and the absence of glare, strong contrasts and shadows has completely solved the assigned task, while the lamps