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Quanzhi Community Centre,Shenzhen,China

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Aura Lighting Design Co. Ltd.
Lead Designers Lanying Ye
Completion Date 2019.5-2020.5
Project Location Shenzhen,China
Entry Description

Every community center is a small society.We are thinking about what kind of lighting atmosphere is needed in such an open community shared space.We want to create an atmosphere that attract people and pleasure them.Visitors of this space are very different,which means that every visitor has different demands on spacial functions and lighting.We suggested the direction of lighting design:General but even lighting is the premise of design;Contrast lighting can be used to meet with different visual demands and spacial functions demands so that we can use different illuminance and CCT to create contrast;Combining with interior design structure to create a variety on lighting.In public area,stacked structure has been used as ceiling lighting modules,which become the main location for placing luminaires so that it can achieve sufficient illuminance for ambient lighting and create a general but also even ambient lighting.Design the building as a pure block,and then put the light in,just like in hollowing cave,the light is one of the new elements that penetrated into it.