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ProTools Linear

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Inter-lux
Lead Designers Inter-lux/Whitegoods
Entry Description

ProTools Linear is a complete range of high performance, low brightness luminaires designed to put light where it needs to be without becoming the brightest object in the space.

Quality: Standard 90+ CRI and 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse binning are used in all products to ensure high quality and uniformity throughout any space. Best-of-class drivers precisely regulate the LED at full power as well as through a dimming range from 100% to 0.1% without flicker.

Modularity: A common housing fits all mounting requirements and optical inserts with the required lighting distributions allow even the most complex combinations to be easily configured.

Technology: A specially designed selection of constant current LED boards is used throughout this range.

Tuneable White Light: All products are available in Tuneable White to allow any color temperature from 2200K-4000K to be selected while maintaining the same high quality color rendering as the standard LED.

ProTools Linear gives specifiers the freedom to design for all spaces within a project from one succinct, logical and aesthetically congruent range of luminaires that delivers ultimate performance.