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Box Cove 2

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Inter-lux
Lead Designers Inter-lux/Whitegoods
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Entry Description

Box Cove 2 (BC2) is the newest addition to the Whitegoods/Inter-lux Cove family of high-performance, highly integrated indirect luminaires. This square-fronted, continuous linear indirect luminaire is specially-designed to mount to any wall surface, including interior window mullions. High performance in a discreet, minimal package to illuminate meeting rooms, corridors and anywhere that general, indirect illumination is appropriate.

A few more features of Box Cove 2:

•minimal size of 2.5” x 3.7” x any length required
•light source not visible from any viewing angle
•delivers continuous soft wash of directed light to the surface above
•satin diffuser for high efficiency and soft-edge beam without striations
•flicker-free full-range dimming with standard driver

Coves can be tailored to specific lengths and are supplied with factory-made standard or custom corners. Whitegoods offers the widest range of cove products to suit any application. The addition of BC2 further expands the ability to customize lighting projects that require seamless architectural integration.