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Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company LEOX design partnership
Lead Designers Wenyi Gu
Completion Date 2016 - 2020
Project Location Fuzhou, Shenzhen, China
Entry Description

The Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center possesses an important geographical location, and holds a particularly high status to the city’s nightscape lighting. The architectural design of the project is derived from the concept of the flower "Jasmine".

The pottery stick on the front of the jasmine petals is the most important element. The straight lines, pure whiteness and oval shapes are carefully selected by the architect. The designers’ idea is to implement a multimedia effect on the five petals of the main façade without causing any damage to the shape and appearance of the pottery stick.

The final outcome leaves a satisfying impression to audience and visitors: during the day, the lamps can rarely be seen; on weekdays and nights, the pure inner light and the shape of the building are like a fairyland in a dream, making people yearn for their hearts; and during festivals and celebrations, the multi-media facade with both expressiveness and affinity is impressive to the audience.