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Overpass to the Iset tower

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Vasiliy Tarasenko
Other Credits Natalya Koptseva, MT-Electro, Vostok-proekt
Completion Date 01.11.2019
Project Location Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
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Entry Description

A covered pedestrian overpass connects the Iset Tower and the Hyatt Hotel in Yekaterinburg. It has an unusual geometric shape and radial rounding. All enclosing panels are made of stained glass, due to which the overpass is completely transparent.
Lighting designers participating in this project sought a simple and effective way to emphasize connection between the tower and hotel.
Special feature of the project - use of motion sensors connected with luminaries, that can track and follow pedestrians, creating communication of light, man and space. This movement of light demonstrates the idea of interconnection. The installation turned out to be lively and flowing like a light stream.
The project used 130 accent spotlights in neutral white (4000 K). Luminaires are located along structures at the nodes of their intersections and painted with the color of the installation, which makes them almost invisible.
When a pedestrian appears, the luminaries respond to the presence and increase the intensity of the glow, providing visual comfort when moving.
Light works both inside and out. As soon as pedestrian leaves, the lighting is dimmed and energy consumption significantly reduced.