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The 13-Layers Remains

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lighting Design Co.,Ltd.
Lead Designers Lien Chou, Wen Ying Chu, Ping Yi Liu
Project Location New Taipei City, Taiwan
Entry Description

This unique lighting design aims at rejuvenating the 13-Layer Remains.
The mining site is no longer in use since 1973 due to the exhaustion of copper and gold. The basic structure is retained and it preserves the traces of mining for a hundred years.

From the outset, in addition to showcasing a sense of modernity, our team has also wished to rejuvenate the site as our Mother Earth, which would be all-encompassing and incorporated with its neighboring villages. In view of this, 2100K color temperature was chosen to go with the outer crust of the structure. Amber light was also adopted as internal lighting for the structure to represent a setting of using fire during the refining process. The luminance was devised in such a way that it went up in accord with the rise of each level. Thus the foundation of the structure was lit up with 1-Nit luminance and the higher levels with 6 Nits, presenting and highlighting the quality of layer.

The lighting would be turned on from 18:00 to 21:00 every day after the Moon Festival in 2019. Lighting, in this way, makes it possible for the structure to resonate warmly with people. The memory of the golden age is thus rekindled.