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No. 1 Lingshan Bay

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tungsten-Studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Zhen Tang
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Qingdao, China
Entry Description

The strategy of lighting is to highlight a fairly open space facing the sea and the linear stretching tone. The architecture is like a boat floating on the water. The language of light is perfectly integrated with architectural space and materials. The minimalist design blurs the boundaries of inner space and outdoor and dissolves the volume of the building at night. Through the creation of space order by light, we guide the interaction between people and the sea, as well as light and shadow in nature. The square skylight on the top takes into account the combination of natural lighting and artificial light. There is no extra lighting equipment in the view. Each lattice of the skylight is set with light band. All the light comes from simple light source which is hided carefully. The metal mesh elements on both sides are illuminated with rich layers. The undulating texture is like a continuous memory, quiet and mysterious. Light and shadow outline the striking spatial form, and the dynamic feeling can be seen in the eye. People can fully interact with the changes of light and shadow, subtle sound and ocean air, which are accumulated in people's memory of the sea.