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Coya Mayfair

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lighting Design Studio
Lead Designers Luke Locke-Wheaton
Completion Date 04/07/20
Project Location London
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Entry Description

COYA celebrates the spirit of Latin America and has led the way in innovative dining experiences. The Lighting Design Studio have worked closely with interior design firm Sagrada on all sites in Coya’s portfolio including London, Dubai, Mykonos, Monte-Carlo, Paris, and Doha. COYA understand fantastic lighting design is crucial for creating the right ambiance and is fundamental to the success of any new restaurant. Our latest project for Coya, launched in July, is the refurbishment of Coya’s fabulous Mayfair restaurant. With automated lighting control and best quality light fittings, including the near perfect colour rendering of Orluna's Origin range, to create warm, beautiful, energy efficient lighting, showing the Peruvian features, textures, patterns, and of course the amazing food in the best possible light.